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March 2016

Innovation is in CUF’s DNA. It shows today, as in former times, in the several research projects involving the company, as well as in the number of requested and granted patents.


This practised Innovation is continual. It is not a fashion. It has been permeating CUF’s culture since day one. It is transversal. It cuts across all of the company sectors: from technology to its process, from human resources to employee involvement and from equipment to publicity.


In terms of Publicity, there are many examples if we go back 150 years of CUF. One of the most emblematic examples might be the series of posters promoting the advantage of farmers using CUF fertilisers.


CUF’s advertising innovation did not only relate to these posters. A silent, black and white short film was also made. Nine minutes of film with the title ‘A Via Áurea’ (The Golden Road). It starred Vasco Santana.


‘A Via Áurea’ is thought to have been one of the first Portuguese ads, and certainly one of the first works of the young and promising actor, Vasco Santana.


Here’s ‘A Via Áurea’ to be included in the History of Portuguese Cinema. Properly restored due to the know-how and equipment of technicians from the Portuguese Film Museum. A new life in digital format that is typically 21st century – where CUF continues to move and innovate.