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In the digital era, CUF could not resist the temptation to show its true self and its history through images. Be them video images or interactive infographics From the old silent and  the black and white movies – an innovation of its time – to the short viral films, images are a powerful way of showing the Chemistry that is bonding Us.

This is where you search for the efficiency of the message. Of the harmony between the texts and the photographs, the video films and the interactive infographics, through short phrases and strong titles.  This is the privileged area of multimedia. This is where you can learn about  CUF's present and discover its past. This is where we can catch a glimpse of the future of the main Portuguese chemical company.



The theme of a viral video of CUF or the motto of a historical film of the company, the news of events and goings on, that which is worthy of appearing in the company’s newsletter… all of this can be seen and read, studied and analysed.  It’s all accessible and can be scrutinised. 



In this storage of images and information, of videos and texts, there is a coherent line of communication which is always present. A belief rooted in the company: in CUF there is a Chemistry bonding us.