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CUF Generations
March 2017

At CUF, knowledge flows through people and different generations, ensuring continuity and regular rejuvenation of resources.

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CUF’s aim for logistics
January 2017

For a chemical company of international size such as CUF, logistics is a key side of its activity.

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CUF Journey to the depths of the Earth
December 2016

At the heart of the Algarve, near Loulé, there is a place which is at the same time a wonder of Nature and of the ability of men. It is a rock salt mine. 

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November 2016

CUF’s products are essential to maintain the quality of the water where stranded turtles, seals and dolphins are treated.


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August 2016

Athlete Maria Santos Rei, from Estarreja, won a gold medal of the National Junior Canoeing Championship. The winning kayak it was offered to the club by CUF.

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Nitrobenzene - chemical against pain
June 2016

Everyone knows those tiny white pills against pain, those tiny round or rectangular wonders that combat fever. They are a wonder of modern medicine and part of our every day lives.

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