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Our Privacy Policy

1. General information


1.1 CUF – Consultadoria e Serviços, S.A., with registered office in Avenida 24 de Julho, n° 24, Lisboa 1200-480, registered with the commercial registry of Lisbon under the single registration and legal person number 503881902 (hereinafter "CUF") cares about the privacy of the Users of the Website ( and is engaged and committed to the protection of Users' personal data and its processing in strict compliance with the applicable legislation.


1.2 CUF is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of Users' personal data and may, within the scope of its activity, resort to subcontractors for the attainment of the purposes hereby.


1.3 The Privacy Policy governs, in addition to the Terms and Conditions of use of the Website, which can be accessed at, the processing of personal data provided by Users.


1.4 When providing his/her personal information, the User is authorising its collection, use and disclosure according to the rules defined herein and, more specifically, in the collection tools used.



2. Use of personal data


2.1 The personal data provided by the User will be processed electronically by CUF, for the purpose of registering Users, replying to information requests and keeping the User up-to-date concerning CUF's products and activities.


2.2 Personal data provided can be used to conduct market research and evaluation surveys.


2.3 CUF also uses personal data to communicate with Users.



3. Disclosure of the User's personal data


3.1 As a rule, CUF will not disclose the User's personal data to any third parties for commercial purposes, or others.


3.2 By accepting the Privacy Policy the User authorises CUF to send him/her marketing messages, newsletters or other information regarding its products and activities.


3.3 CUF may also access and/or disclose the User's personal data if required to do so by law or if it believes that such is necessary to (i) comply with the law; (ii) protect the rights or property of CUF; or (iii) protect the interests of Users.



4. Personal data holder rights


4.1 Pursuant to the applicable legislation, the User is guaranteed the right to access, update, rectify or delete his/her personal data at any time, and, for this purpose, he/she should send CUF the corresponding notice to the email address or certified letter with return receipt to the postal address indicated in the header.


4.2 The User can also choose to, at any time, not receive marketing messages or informative notices, for which he/she should click the cancellation link indicated at the bottom of any email communication.



5. Cookies


5.1 Cookies are (text) data files exchanged between the Website server and the browser, which are later returned, at every new connection. These files are stored on the User's computer and allow the system to remember features or navigation preferences from previous sessions.


5.2 CUF uses cookies when the User navigates through his/her Website, however, these cookies are not invasive and do not contain personal information.


5.3 If the User wishes, he/she may disable or delete cookies that have already been stored, following the instructions on his/her browser.



6. Changes to the Privacy Policy


CUF reserves the right to, at any time, make adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy. If the change is substantial and/or has implications in the way we use the User's personal data, he/she will be duly informed.



7. Clarifications


In order to clarify any issue related to this Privacy Policy, the User should contact CUF by letter sent to the address indicated in the header or by email to



8. Final clauses


8.1 If, for any reason, any provision of this Privacy Policy is declared partly or integrally invalid or not applicable, it shall be deleted or, if possible, it will remain after excluding the faulty section, without prejudice of the remaining clauses' effect.


8.2 The Privacy Policy shall be governed by the Portuguese law.


8.3 By choice, CUF writes under the old grammar rules.


Version: September 1st 2015