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CUF favours the Over-the-Fence model in which clients and suppliers work in an integrated manner, as partners, establishing long term, well integrated, where each entity is focused on the activities that it specializes in and know best, allowing for more efficiency, transparency and stringency in the development of industrial production, as well as in the reduction of risks and of additional waste. The Over-the-Fence model generates more sustainable operations, contributing to a better world. This is the operation model at CUF’s main industrial facility in Estarreja and it is the model at the base of CUF’s strategy for growth and internationalisation.


In addition to this, CUF also operates under a traditional model, from their industrial facilities in Portugal and Spain, supplying the national and international market – Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Germany, with the aim to please its clients - for example, offering competitive prices and flexible services, ensuring a range of solutions of high performance and efficiency.