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Aniline, also known as phenylamine or aminobenzene fenilamina, is one of the most useful and multifeatured organic substances.

With the formula C6H5NH2 this substance is, in its pure state, an oily liquid, with no colour, and a pleasant smell. In CUF, aniline is supplied in bulk or in barrels. In CUF, aniline is supplied in bulk or in barrels.

Aniline is obtained by hydrogenating nitrobenzene and in the presence of a catalyst..

Aniline was obtained for the first time in 1829, at the time by destructively distilling the natural colouring indigo, and was named after the plant Indigofera anil. For being commonly used as raw material to manufacture colourings, the word "aniline" is often mistakenly used as a generic synonym of "colouring". 


Aniline is currently the basis to manufacture endless chemical products, such as polyurethane foam, photographic reagents, synthetic paints, antioxidants, latex stabilisers, herbicides, varnishes and explosives.