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CUF values highly the personal and professional development of its employees, promoting equal opportunities and sustained growth for every employee, through its Human Resources policies.

Our Policy


People are the fulcrum of the company's success. In CUF, we believe that valuing people has been the driving force and one of the major valuable assets for the company's good performance and for its recognition by the market, consolidating its presence as main Portuguese company in the chemical sector.

Conscious of the contribution people have in the company's future sustainability, the Human Resources policy aims to:



Attract and develop​


CUF pays attention to the market, always looking for employees that pursue on a career project, capable of integrating the values held by the company on an internal level, and who show high performance, skill and motivation levels. We bet on valuing our employees and offer training at all levels, and in the most diversified areas, throughout every department.

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Promote ongoing improvement​


Developing our People is a daily goal. In order to do this, we actively contribute by favouring proximity between employees and teams, mutual knowledge of work colleagues and values sharing. Promoting Human Development every day, by incrementing the skills needed for constant innovation, is one CUF's biggest challenges.


Invest in recruitment​


Through a strict recruitment process, CUF invests on retaining its employees from day one. Our purpose is to create a feeling of belonging in every individual inside CUF, to that end promoting partnerships with several entities and promoting everyone's well-being. This is the only way we can build a team that works with passion and dedication, in pursuit of the common goals.