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Scholarships FAM 2015

September 2015

The Amelia de Mello Foundation has opened applications for Student Grants 2015/2016

The Amelia de Mello Foundation (FAM) has commenced with the Student Grant application process relative to the academic year of 2015/2016.


The Student Grant programme is aimed to support the development and studies of children of employees from the Jose de Mello Group companies who wish to study at university, with which the FAM helps with the payments of fees during the course of the studies.

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In the past academic year FAM gave two student grants to two young daughters for employees, namely Carolina Alves, a candidate for studies in Physical Engineering at the Minho University, whose father is an employee at Brisa and Vanessa Laureano, a candidate for studies in Mathematics at the Science College University of Lisbon, whose mother is an employee for the Jose de Mello Saúde.


Applications for the Student Grants take place until 11th September and are subject to a series of conditions under the programme’s regulation, which is available for consultation on the companies’ intranet, when available, or with the respective Human Resources departments.