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Paper turns into food

Aiming to help Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome (BACF or Food Bank), CUF encourages its employees to collect and separate daily used paper and to put it in the appropriate containers, distributed throughout the company to that effect.

After everyone's cooperation, the company donates all of the paper gathered in the facilities to BACF, where the paper is turned into funding for food.


It matters to say that this campaign "Papel por Alimentos" is integrated in a broader frame of awareness for the importance of each individual's role in society and for the possibility of recovering and reusing things that appear to be worthless. By adhering to this initiative, CUF involves all its employees in an unrivalled social responsibility action. 

We ask all employees to cooperate individually in this action, separating used paper and putting it in the appropriate containers. Specially newspapers or magazines, copies, drafts, advertising printouts, envelopes, fax paper and letterhead paper, and also dead files. Pay attention to the fact that this campaign EXCLUDES cardboard and thick paper, plasticized paper, metallised paper or paraffined paper, as well as tracing paper, photos and disposable cups/plates. 

With everyone's cooperation, we can FEED THIS IDEA!